7 Ways How to Sleep Better with a Cold

7 Ways – How to Sleep Better with a Cold Trying to sleep with a blocked nose? We’re now in November and as the nights draw in, so too does the temperature, so it’s an opportune time for folks to catch a bout of the sniffles and the age old common cold. It’s crazy how … Continue reading “7 Ways How to Sleep Better with a Cold”

Best Eye Masks for Sleeping

Effective Eye Masks for Sleeping A simple eye mask, looped around the back of your head with a piece of elastic might sound like a bit of age-old solution to improving sleep quality, especially in a time of super-advanced wearable tech, but they’re so effective. They don’t need charging or plugging in and you can … Continue reading “Best Eye Masks for Sleeping”

The Best Teas To Help You Sleep & Alleviate Insomnia

The best teas to help you sleep… You relax into bed after a long, draining day. You stare at the ceiling for what feels like forever; it seems like no matter what you do, you can’t fall asleep. Does this sound like you? Insomnia and sleep deprivation is a frustrating, disruptive problem with wide consequences … Continue reading “The Best Teas To Help You Sleep & Alleviate Insomnia”

Bed Size Measurements UK – Useful Bed Dimension Chart

Working out the correct measurements for UK bed sizes can be a bit of a nightmare so we’ve put together a really useful bed size measurements table to help you. We’ve listed the 7 most common sizes of beds from Toddler to Super King and given you the bed size measurements in metric (centimetres), imperial … Continue reading “Bed Size Measurements UK – Useful Bed Dimension Chart”

Best Hypoallergenic Pillows for Neck Pain

What are the best pillows for neck pain? Today, our necks naturally face a lot of discomfort throughout the day, without us even realising – whether that’s craning your neck to look at your phone on the commute or sitting at your desk all day – so supporting your neck is a really important element … Continue reading “Best Hypoallergenic Pillows for Neck Pain”

Best Black Out Blinds for Bedrooms

It’s early summer in the UK. You look at the clock, it’s 4.36am. The birds are chirping, sunlight is poking into your bedroom from behind the curtains and your brain is waking up. You’d prefer to be asleep, for another 3 hours at least. What’s going on here? Let me go back to sleep! Sound … Continue reading “Best Black Out Blinds for Bedrooms”

Why Do I Keep Waking Up at 4am?

Are you consistently waking up expecting the blessed sunshine of a new day only to find you’re a few hours early? If so, rather than anxiously staring at a dark ceiling while ‘04:00’ flashes menacingly on your alarm clock, consider whether it’s one of the following reasons so you can reclaim those sleep hours. Tick … Continue reading “Why Do I Keep Waking Up at 4am?”

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep Quality?

Is alcohol before bed a good idea? Unless you’ve been asleep, you’ll know long term excessive drinking is bad for the body. It’s linked to depression, liver failure, heart disease, and some cancers. But even at the less excessive end of the scale, drinking is still a fact of life in many cultures. The average … Continue reading “How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep Quality?”

The Sleep Cycle: What you do while you’re asleep

When you’re asleep, your body performs some crucial functions. We believe that the five stages of sleep are essential in contributing to a happy and healthy life. So, what are these five stages of sleep and what happens during them? Stage 1 Sleep As your body becomes accustomed to sleep, you begin to feel lighter … Continue reading “The Sleep Cycle: What you do while you’re asleep”

How caffeine affects your sleep – and how to stop it

Caffeine is a key part of most people’s daily routine, even if they don’t realise – from coffee in the morning to chocolate and fizzy drinks at lunch. You probably already know to avoid caffeine before bed. It’s one of the key reasons why most people feel groggy in the morning – no matter how … Continue reading “How caffeine affects your sleep – and how to stop it”