Best Black Out Blinds for Bedrooms

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It’s early summer in the UK as I write this. You look at the clock, it’s 4.36am. The birds are chirping, sunlight is poking into your bedroom from behind the curtains and your brain is waking up. You’d prefer to be asleep, for another 3 hours at least. What’s going on here? Let me go back to sleep! Sound familiar?

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What’s really happening is a cocktail of chemicals and neurons in your brain are reacting to the increasing levels of light as you slowly begin to wake up. It’s frustrating because you’re absolutely knackered and only went to bed at midnight. It’s been rumoured that Maggie Thatcher and Donald Trump may have survived on 4 hours sleep, but then again, you’re not the Prime Minister.

It’s highly likely you could benefit from some light blocking Black Out Blinds. There are a few macro factors working against us these days too which a black out blind could alleviate. The first is a move to lighter interior decor – yes, it tends to make rooms feel bigger but that’s not going to help us sleep longer. Further, artificial light is everywhere these days; from cars passing by to street lights to those blasted iphones glowing up every time you get a notification.

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When it comes to Black Out Blinds, there are a few different types to consider depending on the window size, your DIY dexterity and where these light blockers are going to be used. We’ve trawled through these different types and given a recommendation for each below

Black Out Roller Blinds – Pitch Black

Luxum Made to Measure Roller Blinds

The Luxum brand is slightly more expensive than others but that’s because they’re made to measure blinds and they are constructed from strong, aluminium components. No bendy, soft metal bits here. There’s flexibility to be had – these Luxum blinds can fit a window width of anything from 40cm to 220cm and boast a window drop of 260cm.

Luxum make these blinds to order in increments of 5mm, so you can afford to be accurate, super accurate with your measurements. Luxum are also offering a 3 year guarantee, backing up that quality factor. Customers also get to choose between a left or right hand side chain (if there’s the edge of a bed or piece of furniture in the way for example).

You have a choice of whether or not to fit these roller blinds into the recess of the window or above the window. The recess of the window is probably the better option to reduce the light gap at each side. The reverse of these black out blinds is white, whilst the interior facing side can be chosen from a mix of up to 10 colours.

Eliminates sunlight
Flexible made to measure sizing
Fittings/brackets included
Pitch black – other colours available (still black out)
Width up to 260cm!

More expensive (but worth it!)
Requires fixing/tool job
Need a drill and basic DIY skills

Check price at Amazon »

Stick On Black Out Blinds

Rabbitgoo Matte Blackout Window Film

Rabbitgoo’s Matte BlackOut Tinting Film is super cost effective at £13 and has been positively recommended by over 900 customers on Amazon (you can’t really fluke this score). Admittedly, this is a film that sticks to the window itself, not a blind per se but if you need a cheap quick to fit solution for the dawn bedroom brightness this summer, opt for the Rabbitgoo Window Film.

This black, matte film doesn’t leave any gooey messy residue on your window and it also blocks 99% of UV rays. The non use of glue also means the Rabbitgoo is reusable so anywhere you’re due to sleep with intense morning light issues, this is a winning choice. Customers recommend ensuring you have enough soapy water ready to apply to the window surface and you could even use a spray bottle.

Maximum Privacy
Blocks 99% UV Rays
Good for Childrens Room
Ideal for Rental or Travel

Can’t open like curtains
Can recoil on opening, try to flatten film before fitting

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Suction Cup Black Out Blinds for Kids Rooms

Ollie The Owl Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

Requiring no drill or faffing about with a roller blind, this temporary option will work really, really well for children’s bedrooms. It’s manufactured by the Gro Company and is another very popular choice by customers on Amazon, ranking no.4 best seller in the Nursery Curtains category. Using the gimmicky Ollie the Owl Family and the backdrop of stars, it’s aesthetically going to fit in a kids room too.

But it’s the mechanics of attachment that make this product such a hit. The suction cups ‘suck’ brilliantly onto PVC frames (which most of us have these days) and stretches to cover a window of 130cm x 198cm. The suction cups will stick to any reasonable surface that has been wiped clean. There are also velcro attachments to ‘shrink’ and adapt to smaller windows. Some complain of the suckers not sucking but the trick is to dampen the inside of the suckers and then pressing the air out of the cup.

Portable/Travel – only weighs 200g
So easy to attach
Child friendly patterns
130x198cm is large
Delivery via Prime

Sucker suction needs proper application
Comes in travel bag

Check price at Amazon »

Designer Patterned Black Out Blinds Roller/Roman & Velux Skylight

John Lewis Blackout Blinds

John Lewis Black Out Blinds

Now this may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, having colourful, bright, detailed patterns on a roller black out blind but that’s where the John Lewis range comes in. Obviously other retailers offer this product too but the quality associated with John Lewis vs the price point…well we’ve saved you the hassle of looking elsewhere. Introducing the John Lewis Black Out Blind – they offer roller blinds, roman and velux blinds and even stock ‘white’ black out blinds (again oxymoron territory).

These blinds are supplied with universal fitting brackets and the width can be cut to size. Check the website for the off the shelf dimensions.

John Lewis quality
Multitude of colours/patterns
100% privacy
Side chain opening/closing
Roller/Velux and Roman styles

Requires bracket fitting/tool job

Check price at John Lewis »

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