Best Eye Masks for Sleeping

A simple eye mask, looped around the back of your head with a piece of elastic might sound like a bit of age-old solution to improving sleep quality, especially in a time of super-advanced wearable tech, but they’re so effective.

They don’t need charging or plugging in and you can use them at home, travelling on airplanes, ferries, cars or in hospitals, notorious for light disturbances throughout the night.

We’ve reviewed the best blackout blinds for sleep elsewhere on The Sleepy Life site, but a decent eye mask is effectively your own personal blackout blind. Some of these have additional benefits too, such as dealing with eye puffiness, soothing a headache or infusing subtle aromatherapy (more about that later).

The Luxury Silky Eyemask Option

1 Vivida Luxury Eyemask

We’re reviewing several eyemasks here to appeal to different needs and this selection is for those who deserve, or crave, a bit of luxurious comfort.

This luxury silk eyemask from Vivida is perfect for your bedroom or for those who want a bit of luxury whilst on the go. It’s made from 100% satin silk (it’s very soft), hypoallergenic and doesn’t scratch your skin. Vivida assures us that the mask is 100% total blackout, guaranteeing that lovely melatonin inducing darkness!

An adjustable Velcro strap means one size fits all from kids to grown-ups. It comes in 3 colours; midnight black, burgundy berry and blue moon.

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The Well Thought Through Eyemask Option

2 Hommini Well Thought Through

Made with ‘eye donuts’ this eyemask from Hommini is up there at the top of the eyemask engineering stakes (if such a thing exists). You can actually open your eyes inside the foam donut rings and blink, it won’t smudge make-up, you won’t see any daylight and the materials that Hommini use are super soft. The rings inside the mask are soft, padded and press gently on the face so it’s still possible to sleep on your side.

Yhis is a very good option for sleeping in your own bed, especially if springtime 4 am brightness tends to wake you up early. Hommini insist this is a breathable product but some customers have reported things getting a little bit warm but still rewarding the eyemask with 5/5 stars. It comes with a carry pouch and free earplugs to complete the quiet and dark ambiance!

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The Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes & Screen Worker Option

3 Puffy Eye Screen Eyemask

There’s quite a lot that comes in the pouch. The heated pad has a charging cable that you can set from 10 to 30 minutes so you can automatically turn it off when you’ve drifted off to sleep. Its super-low voltage and 100% cotton, so it’s both comfortable and safe. The cold pad (blue) can be put in the fridge to cool and likewise can be heated with warm water (if you didn’t want to use the plugged-in heat pad).

With the hot and cold eyemask options, we think this product is perfect for office workers chained to a screen for 8 hours a day or for blepharitis sufferers. Treat and soothe your eyes. There’s a little spray bottle accompanying the mask which when used with the hot setting, gives off aromatherapy benefits thanks to the lavender sewn into the mask itself.

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The Foamiest Spongey Eyemask Option

4 Orihea Foamiest Eyemask

Not too dissimilar to the Hommini option above, the Orihea eyemask prides itself on the high nose bridge (so it doesn’t let in the light) and a padded ring over the eye sockets. The strap is adjustable and firm once in place so you can wriggle around in bed or toss and turn in an aircraft seat and it SHOULD stay in place.

The Orihea Ultra eyemask is currently an Amazon Choice product and given 4.5 stars by over 150 reviewers. A few of those reviewers suggest airing the product when you receive it because of the factory fresh smell of the material. Failing that, just give it a rinse in 40c water and you’ll be fine.

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The Cheap but Functional Eyemask Option

5 Gritin Cheap Functional Eyemask

Manufactured by Gritin, this eye mask is cheap at around £6.99 but really does the job. It comes with a travel pouch and earplugs too. Instead of a Velcro strap, it has an adjustable slider to fit all dimensions of head! The Gritin eyemask is made from skin-friendly, mulberry silk fabric which is surprising considering the price point.

It’s been reviewed 1,700 times on Amazon and given 4.5/5 stars, surely 1700 people can’t be wrong? Gritin ensures us this eyemask is fully breathable so all in all, it’s not a bad option, ticks the functional box and is even machine washable.

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The Really, Really Cheap Eyemask Option

6 Cheap Eyemask Option

OK, so this particular eyemask, or should we say, eye masks, are fairly bog-standard with none of the bells and whistles of the candidates we’ve reviewed so far – but talk about value! You get a pack of 15 for £5.99 with free delivery in the UK. At those prices these polyester, smooth eyemasks are bordering on disposable (though please reuse, there’s no need to litter the planet to the extent of opening up a new eyemask packet every night).

Possibly the worst thing about these eye masks is the robustness of the two elastic straps, but then again, if you have a batch of 15 dropping through your door, you can afford to replace one every now and again. Definitely the cheap option but ideal if you travel or tend to lose things!

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The Smug Wacky Eyemask Option 

7 Smug Wacky Eyemask

So far the choices for your blackout eye masks have been not far off …errm… black. So this is the choice for the hipster sleeper. A range of different designs from leopard skin to jungle palm print to fake lashes. Honestly. As we’ve mentioned before, a contoured eye mask is perfect for ladies with semi-permanent lashes, this mask won’t press on your eyes and you could even snooze with your mascara still intact!

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The Kids ‘Just go to Sleep’ Eyemask Option

8 Kids Eyemask for Sleep

Koala, doggy, fox, froggy, reindeer, bunny even unicorns which are so en vogue at the moment – ahh the kiddy sleep mask options are endless and could be the answer to more sleep for Mummy and Daddy. If your little ones struggle to get to sleep or even stay asleep (especially in the summer months) why not try a cartoon-esque children’s sized eye mask?

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So that wraps up a wide array of the best eye masks for sleeping for all manner of situations, locations, and predispositions! Goodnight everyone, sleep well. Pass me that eye mask will you sweetheart…

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