Best Hypoallergenic Pillows for Neck Pain

Today, our necks naturally face a lot of discomfort throughout the day, without us even realising – whether that’s craning your neck to look at your phone on the commute or sitting at your desk all day – so supporting your neck is a really important element of a good night’s sleep.

And for that, you need more than just sheep to count on – it’s probably about time you invested in a reliable pillow. Here’s a rundown of our three favourite pillows for neck pain.

Pure Comfort Neck & Back Pain Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows may be more expensive than you’re used to, but they’re worth it – this hypoallergenic pillow provides unbelievable comfort for those suffering from neck and back pain.

The memory foam remembers the shape of your head, providing a unique shape perfectly suited to you, which can be really helpful if you struggle with neck pain. It comes with more foam than might suit your taste – but you can even remove some of the foam or add it to suit your comfort levels!

If you naturally get very warm in the night, this might not be for you as the memory foam does add some bulk – but they offer a test with a 100-night free trial, and we would totally recommend it for the comfort factor.

Memory foam
Alleviates neck pain
100-night free trial
It’s incredibly comfortable!

It’s quite expensive
The bulkiness of this pillow adds some heat

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Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

These hypoallergenic water-based pillows allow for a soothing night of sleep you can wake from with comfort and ease. You can change the amount of water in the pillows, and the water molds to whichever sleeping position you find most comfortable, which means you don’t ever have to plump them, and chances are, you won’t need to complain of awkward neck pain again!

The water-based nature of these pillows does bring a couple of cons – the main downside is that it can be difficult to remove the air from them completely, leading to some subtle sloshing noises in the night – if you do struggle to remove the air, we’d recommend dulling the noise with a thick pillowcase.

No need to plump
Reduces neck pain

There’s a water plug to watch out for in the night
Removing the air is tricky & can lead to sloshing water

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Contour Memory Foam Pillow

You’ve probably never seen a pillow this shape before – the unique design, which is smaller than usual, fits the shape of your body better than most other pillows. That’s because it was created to help you snore less and promote deeper breathing. If you sleep on your front, you won’t benefit from the design of this pillow, so it’s best to pick another one from our list.

But if you’re sleeping on your back or side, it gives such an incredible level of firm comfort that you might just end up swearing by it!

Unique design to support your body
Alleviates neck pain
Excellent for fans of firm pillows

It won’t work if you sleep on your back!
It’s smaller than standard size pillows (so won’t fit your cases)
It’s not machine washable

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