How to Sleep Well on a Hot Night – 8 Sleep Tips for Sleeping in a Heatwave

hot weather sleeping


Sticky, irritable and can’t sleep? Must be Britain in a heatwave! It catches us by surprise as we’re simply not used to nighttime temperatures outside above 15c usually. Our room temperature ideally hovers around 18c, at the moment (late June in the UK) it feels more like 28c. During a heatwave, things can get unbearable and can have a knock on effect on your mood the following day.

Here are 8 tips to help you sleep well on a hot, summers night:

  1. Room to sleep – shut the curtains during the daytime to avoid the sun blaring through the windows and heating up your room. Obviously, open the windows preferably at the front and back of your house to get a ‘through breeze’, the difference is incredible. You could also get a black-out blind, which will prevent heat build up during the day and keep the room dark as dawn approaches around 4am.
  2. Day influences night – whilst its tempting to quaff a bottle of something alcholic and cold during a hot and sunny afternoon, that alcohol will wake you up later in the night (more on alcohol and sleep here and waking at 4am here). Also, apply copious amounts of sunscreen during the day, if you’ve burnt in the sun, your skin is going to be extra irritable through the night.
  3. Hydration = Sleepy Nation – we’re not saying drink gallons of water before bed, but certainly 2 hours before ‘bedtime’ have a decent drink of water, which leaves enough time to go to the toilet but doesn’t leave you horribly hydrated. Put a large glass by the side of your bed.
  4. Nip the Nap – you’re more likely to sleep at night if you don’t fall asleep for 2 hours with a beer in your hand in the garden.
  5. Put a Sock on it – Putting a pair of socks on during the winter keeps you warm in bed, well, in summertime, chill a pair of cotton socks in the fridge and wear them to bed. Some people might think putting a pair of socks in a fridge is a little weird but hey ho, sleep is the winner here!
  6. Cool not Cold – if you have a truly cold shower or bath pre bedtime, it could kid your body into warming you up, instead have a cool (not cold) bath, lukewarm is ideal, especially for children.
  7. Lose the Quilt – it might be habitual to sleep under a quilt but just use a cotton sheet or sleep on top of the quilt instead. Flipping a pillow is often cool underneath and may be enough to send you back to sleep.
  8. Keep Quiet and Don’t Stress – put a pair of earplugs in, wear an eyemask so you can sleep undisturbed and you’re less likely to wake at 4am when the dawn chorus starts singing in late June, early July.

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